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Myths & Reality

Hospic Care – Myths & Reality

Hospice caregivers help to dispel myths about terminal illness whiile reassuring patients and their families about the realities of end-of-life care.

Myth: Hospice care is expensive.
Reality: Most hospice patients qualify for Medicare. This is all inclusive, covering 100% of hospice care, including visits from healthcare professionals, prescriptions related to terminal illness, and medical equipment.

Myth: hospice means giving up on the terminally ill.
Reality: When medical treatments can't cure a disesae, the interdisciplinary team of hospics professionals can do a great deal to control pain, reduce anxiety and provide medical, spiritual and emotional comfort to patients and their families.

Myth: Hospice is a place.
Reality: Hospice isn't a place. It's the aggressive treatment of physical and emotional pain and symptoms at the end of life, which also is known as palliative care. Hospice is designed to respect the desire of more than 75% of all Americans who would prefer to die at home in familiar surroundings.