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Nutritional Tips for the Elderly

Maintaining adequate nutririon for normal bodily functions is important especially in the aging body. As you get older your body goes through normal changes affecting
your nutritional needs. Metabolism is slowed down, your appetite and taste may be affected by certain medical conditions such as diabetes, heart problems, bone loss and constipation. It also can help improve energy levels and control weight.

Ten Helpful Hints To promote And Maintain Good Health And Quality Of Life As Your Age

  • Fibre(like raw fruit and Vegetables) in your diet helps with the absorption of nutrients and prevents constipation.
  • Drinking plenty of water and eat foods with high water content(like cucumbers and melons) helps prevent constipation and dehydration (if you have a chronic medical condition that requies fluid restrictions, discuss this with your physician).
  • Cut down on high sugar and high fat intake. Choose lean meats, use low fat salad dressings, trim extra fat off meats before cooking and limit intake of sweets and high sugar drinks.
  • Low fat dairy products are a good source of calcium needed for bone health.
  • Foods such as eggs, fish or meat, dried and nuts are good sources of protein to build and maintain muscle, skin and bones.
  • Salmon and sardines are a good source of calcium and vitaminD. Cereals are good sources of vitamin B1 and B12.
  • Avoid smoking and excessive alchol intake as it can decrease your appetite by affecting taste.
  • Cooking with different spices and herbs enhances the taste of food.
  • Eating healthy also means eating safely such as wash all raw fruits and vegetables, wash your hands after handling raw meats and thaw food out in the refrigerator.
  • Do some type of physical activity daily. Walking in the mall is a great way to get your exercise and stay cool in the Floridda heat.

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